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We are a team of trained professionals with years of experience in the healthcare billing and coding sector. Our streamlined processes and expert resources help our clients in bringing more & faster payments. Our certified coders (CPC) stay up-to-date with constantly changing trends in the medical industry, and stay current with the latest versions of medical coding so‑ware.

Vanan Process

At the core of our success is our focus on Root Cause Analysis, where we don’t just identify the underlying issues, we eradicate them. Our team’s performance is consistently on top with constant training on the latest developments in terms of HIPPA, Medicare, Medicaid regulations, procedural and diagnostic coding, accounts receivable, and electronic claims submission.

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Regardless of how a client chooses to utilize Vanan Healthcare, our involvement will always have a positive effect on accounts receivable. Call or Email us Now - To increase cash collections, decrease unpaid claims and reduce denials and write-offs.

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