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  • 98%

    First pass claim Accuracy

  • 32%

    Decrease in AR days

  • 30%

    Indicative Increase in Collections

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  • 98% Coding Accuracy
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Savings upon Investment

$72,300.00 Total Savings
  • Hardware/Software/Training
  • $18,000.00
  • Annual Salary
  • $32,000.00
  • Overheads
  • $22,300.00
  • Total Savings
  • $72,300.00

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Five Essentials - One Solution

You do not need an in-house person to perform data entry. Let Vanan HealthCare take care of this for you. We free up your staff, so they can focus on providing superior medical care. We eliminate costly errors and accelerate your payments.

You do not need an in-house medical coder. Let Vanan HealthCare handle your medical billing and coding. We possess an in-depth understanding of medical terminology. When you outsource to us, we scrutinize every diagnoses, condition, treatment, service, and procedure to maximize your reimbursements.

You do not need an in-house person to post insurance payments. We possess exceptional organizational and communication skills for investigating denials and aggressively pursuing unpaid claims. No more leaving money on the table.

You do not need an in-house account representative. Let Vanan HealthCare's account representatives file and track your insurance claims. When you outsource to us, we carefully review denials and claim rejections, effectively resolve disputes with insurance companies, and promptly resubmit claims to get you paid faster.

You do not need an in-house revenue cycle manager. Let Vanan HealthCare oversee the capture, management, and collection of your revenue. We track patient care over the entire cycle, so you do not have to. From registration to scheduling appointments, to final payments, Vanan has you covered.

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Our Medical Billing Services in Los Angeles

Are you a private healthcare provider in Los Angeles? Are you looking for accurate and efficient medical billing services? Good news! We are the answer for your quest ‘medical billing services near me.’ Our company is the solution to your problems. We are Los Angeles’ best company when it comes to medical billing. We provide medical billing services in Los Angeles and its environs to all healthcare providers and in all medical specialties.

Our medical billers will provide you with prompt, accurate and effective reimbursement for payment for all medical services. We also aim at reducing your operating costs. We achieve this by providing you with insightful reporting and recommendations aimed at increasing your revenue. Our company hires certified experts in physician billing services in California. These technicians are highly skilled in the complex system of medical invoicing for reimbursement. A good reason for you to work with us.

Your Experience With Us

Being the best medical billing company in Los Angeles means that we stand out from our competitors in so many ways. With us, you get a lifetime experience you can never find anywhere else. Below is what makes us different and unique. We pride ourselves in over 10 years’ experience of helping healthcare providers achieve their financial goals. Our clients are always satisfied with our services. We are aware of this information through clients’ feedback and referrals.

Our medical billing company provides vast medical billing specialties in Los Angeles that are not only limited to; neurology, surgery, orthopedics, family medicine, pediatrics, psychology, neurosurgery, and internal medicine. Our specialists are specially trained in every medical specialty. This means that your billing will be handled by a specialist in your exact field. We are very flexible. You don’t always have to come to our physical location. We can come to you and work from your work station or office. Our clients’ convenience matters to us and that’s what we offer.

Why we are the mostly preferred Medical Billing Services?

We are well-recognized for valuing the client’s privacy and confidentiality. Outsourcing our clients’ sensitive information means a breach of confidentiality which is unethical. Once you have contracted us, we handle your billing until you get paid directly to your account. We have a pool of professional billers including multi-lingual billers for our clients providing medical services in different languages speaking states. We are not limited to English speaking clients only. We understand that insurance companies can be difficult to deal with sometimes. That’s why we apply aggressive follow-up to ensure that you get paid what is due to you.

You don’t have to think too much as a Los Angeles healthcare provider. We have clearly shown to you that we are the best medical billing company in California. We get paid once you get paid. We are aware that it is our business that you are not only paid, but you are paid faster. We will drastically reduce claim rejection and denial rates by insurance companies and this can be your solution for the seek ‘medical coding services near me.’ Contact us today for the best medical billing and medical coding services in Los Angeles.

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