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  • 98%

    First pass claim Accuracy

  • 32%

    Decrease in days in AR

  • 30%

    Indicative Increase in Collections

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Standards Company

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  • 100% HIPAA Compliance
  • 98% Coding Accuracy
  • 97% Collection Rate
  • 96% of Claims paid on first time

Savings upon Investment

$72,300.00 Total Savings
  • Hardware/Software/Training
  • $18,000.00
  • Annual Salary
  • $32,000.00
  • Overheads
  • $22,300.00
  • Total Savings
  • $72,300.00

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Five Essentials - One Solution

You do not need an in-house person to perform data entry. Let Vanan HealthCare take care of this for you. We free up your staff, so they can focus on providing superior medical care. We eliminate costly errors and accelerate your payments.

You do not need an in-house medical coder. Let Vanan HealthCare handle your medical billing and coding. We possess an in-depth understanding of medical terminology. When you outsource to us, we scrutinize every diagnoses, condition, treatment, service, and procedure to maximize your reimbursements.

You do not need an in-house person to post insurance payments. We possess exceptional organizational and communication skills for investigating denials and aggressively pursuing unpaid claims. No more leaving money on the table.

You do not need an in-house account representative. Let Vanan HealthCare's account representatives file and track your insurance claims. When you outsource to us, we carefully review denials and claim rejections, effectively resolve disputes with insurance companies, and promptly resubmit claims to get you paid faster.

You do not need an in-house revenue cycle manager. Let Vanan HealthCare oversee the capture, management, and collection of your revenue. We track patient care over the entire cycle, so you do not have to. From registration to scheduling appointments, to final payments, Vanan has you covered.

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Medical Billing Services in Houston for the Healthcare Providers and Practitioners

We got all your medical billing services in Texas covered. For all medical practitioners and healthcare providers in Houston and neighbouring areas, our company is your company of choice for accurate and professional medical billing services. We don’t only focus on getting your business paid. We also utilize basic accounting principles that will help your practice revenue grow. Our Houston office is well staffed to ensure that our clients’ work is done by the Houston team without having to outsource to any other medical billing company in Texas.

Our skilled team of medical billers will help take your practice to the next level in terms of revenue generation and patients’ treatment. Our company makes it possible and easy for healthcare providers to generate on-demand reports. Medical practitioners are also able to view their day-to-day finances through their companies’ software. Our medical billing company in Houston is here for all your billing services that will help healthcare providers to improve their financial performance. We are a trusted and reliable medical billing company that will help you achieve great profitability as you get ample time to attend to your patients. We follow up on all claims to ensure that you get paid all the amount owed in very less time.

Standing-Out from other Competitor’s Medical Billing Specialties in Houston

With increased growth of the healthcare industry, the need for medical billing companies has grown too. This means that there are many medical billing companies in Houston and the world over, thus the need to be unique and stand out. The first thing that makes our company stand out from the rest is our pool of experienced personnel who are certified medical billers. Our ultra-modern technology also makes us unique. We use a state-of-art technology that helps us increase output while preventing billing errors that lead to claim rejection and denial. We provide physician billing services in Texas through our experts who provide a local approach to customer service and we remain as the perfect solution for your ‘medical coding services near me.’

Certified Medical Billing/Coding Specialist in Houston, Texas

Our company is operational 24/7. We are always available to our clients who might require following up on their claims or get any updates from us. We customize our medical coding services in Houston so as to meet specific needs for our clients’ different needs. This helps healthcare providers meet their financial potential while improving compliance and accuracy. We provide affordable medical billing specialties in Houston that eases your billing process for all claims with insurance companies.

We focus on medical billing while letting our clients focus on their patients. Our professional team is trained on every aspect of the business cycle from medical billing, collections, and AR. We analyze every aspect of your revenue to see to it that you maximize your cash flow. Call us today to get accurate, fast and affordable billing services and the perfect answer for the ‘medical billing services near me’.

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